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About Ultrasound:
Ultrasound is a non-invasive  procedure.  A probe is place on the expectant mothers abdominal area to view the baby.  This is a painless and relaxing procedure.
Ultrasound is the only modality of Radiology that is used  to look at unborn fetuses.  All research provided has been proven to be safe for expectant mothers and baby, as long as the procedure is done by a trained professional, and no longer than one hour intervals.  
The best time to Peek-A-View of your little one in 3d doing all the magnificent things unborn babies do is between 24 - 34 weeks.
Peek-A-view scans last 45 minutes or less.  Peek-A-view demands that all expectant mothers are under the care of a Physician (OBGYN), and that all diagnostic ultrasounds have confirmed that baby and mommy are healthy.

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